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Auto-Tagging Coming To Facebook: Facial Recognition

Auto-Tagging Coming To Facebook: Facial Recognition

The Facebook train is still storming ahead and picking up millions more passengers as it goes; a new facial recognition feature is now being added to the site so that you never have to tag again!

Carrentals has explained that this is the second part of Facebook’s photo overhaul and that the new tool should be rolled out next week after it was announced on the Facebook blog on Wednesday. The auto-tag tool involves recognising a person’s face in one tag and then remembering it in another and automatically doing the tiresome tagging job for you or suggesting a tag.

A Facebook engineer has warned that the tool will not always suggest a tag but will always do so as much as possible. This is because the feature needs to group faces together in order to recognize a face. Whether this is the case or not the new tool will be welcomed, as it will save hours of tagging all the photos which you took last night and spilled onto the computer the next morning.

With everything, there is always criticism and this comes in the form of privacy issues as some users disagree with the fact that Facebook knows everything about us. Facebook user Liane Stevenson wrote on their blog that the new functionality is “a tad creepy”. She added on Yahoo that Facebook now knows “who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing. A majority of other users have applauded the change and described it as “sweet”. Let us know your thoughts on the face-recognition tool. Is it here to save us time or to get more information from us, leave us your comments.

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  1. andyjohnston says:

    This new feature adds a whole new dimension to privacy issues caused by Facebook. What happens is sites such as Paypal ask Facebook to look for certain individuals. Does anyone doubt the fact that Facebook would do it for some profit? Its high time people realise the problems caused by this new addition and switch to more secure sites such as Mycube and Diaspora.

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