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Android: The Most Popular 2010 Giving And Recieving Mobile Xmas Gift

Android: The Most Popular 2010 Giving And Recieving Mobile Xmas Gift

With Android fast becoming one of the biggest successes in mobile, a study has been conducted about how many devices are going to be given and recieved over this year’s Christmas period. So exactly how many Android phones are sitting underneath the tree?

Mashable’s readers survey has shown that generally 41.2% of users have bought an Android device or are set to get one this Christmas. This was ahead of users who said the same of Apple’s iOS which lagged behind with 30.6%. Although Apple only has the iPhone and Android has its OS in a variety of different phones, the study takes into account the sales of all devices holding iOS like the iPad and iPod Touch.

Amongst the other smartphones being dished out this Christmas, the Windows Phone 7 was in the mix which got an average giving/receiving score of 12.2%. Amazingly 11.8% of people said that they were not giving any kind of OS device away this Christmas, which is even more than RIM’s BlackBerry. Only 4.1% of people said that they were planning to give away or receive a BlackBerry model this year, which is not looking pretty.

OFB has been speaking about the fiercely competitive cell phone market and has branded it a two horse race between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, which is reflected in the Christmas sales so far. The site also went on to say that Microsoft’s WP7 OS was also growing, and will become a serious contender; however with Android and iOS storming ahead in sales, it looks as though the relatively new OS will have its time next year.

What type of mobile phone platform are you loyal to, and have you bought any of the mentioned smartphones for anyone this Christmas? Let us know if you also plan to receive one of these mobiles and if you think that the survey is true of the phone market.

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