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YouTube: Revamped Hompage With Newsfeed

December 17, 2021 | Matt Tran

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YouTube: Revamped Hompage With Newsfeed

YouTube has slowly and silently given their homepage and user interface a new make over and the changes have primarily been put in place to draw users in more regularly. A big newsfeed and trending video section has been stamped onto the homepage, with the site looking like a video streaming version of Twitter.

Essentially a great deal has stayed the same, with the biggest change being the combined list, which is simply newsfeed combining your subscription, friend activity and recommendations as Mashable has said. YouTube has spoken of these changes and explained that they are “making the experience simple and seamless”. The previous version of YouTube was filled with recommendation boxes and the newsfeed was pushed; however the personalisation has been emphasised on the new homepage.

Ben Hughes writing for TubeFilter News is working with Youtube, and has praised the new design for bringing the community together with things such as showing your friends activity and favourites for example. Ben has pointed out that changes need to be made to the subscriptions tab because the same amount of vertical space is taken up whether a content creator has uploaded the maximum (4) or minimum amount of videos in that time period displayed on the homepage.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the new YouTube homepage design and if you think it is bringing the community closer together. Are you benefiting from the newsfeed and trending videos that are on show to you?

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