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Android Reveal New Google Maps 5.0 For Download

December 17, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Android Reveal New Google Maps 5.0 For Download

Google’s latest Map 5.0 app which was shown off at the recent Le Web Conference, has now been released for download on Android devices.

According to Mashable the updated 5.0 has two main features, firstly 3D viewing and secondly offline re-routing. With the use of vector graphics, a 3D view is drawn on your screen, from there you can use a dragging finger to tilt, rotate and zoom in and out. Added to this, if you are having trouble working out which way your facing compared to the screen map, a compass mode will rotate the map dependent on your position to match your perspective.

To aid your navigating, the offline re-routing is able to cache your current position to enable faultless direction even if offline. This addition assists Google’s turn-by-turn GPS navigation where there is the possibility of loss of connection. The updated Map 5.0 is now capable of calculating an alternative route even when offline. Initial route planning will obviously still need internet connection to start.

Zdnet confirms that Google Maps 5.0 will be compatible with Android 1.6, although for the new 3D and offline re-routing Android 2.0+ will be required. Are you a Google Map user, if so what do you think are the most useful features?

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