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Verizon iPhone 4 / 5 release: Why February more likely than July


We know that if you’re one of the many waiting for a Verizon iPhone 4 or 5 then you will already have been inundated on stories over the last few months (including ours) containing news and speculation about its possible release date. Our many posts include recent articles on a Verizon iPhone 4G LTE handset and another on how a Verizon iPhone will avoid congestion on its LTE network.

However now an article by Tom Kaneshige of CIO over on PC World, gives some compelling reasons why the Verizon iPhone looks set to land in February, rather than January or July, the two months that have been most widely speculated for a release. Although Galen Gruman, InfoWorld editor, says the most likely time is July, the traditional time for a new iPhone, as he points out that there’s no way that Apple would have just missed out on the holiday shopping market, Kaneshige feels that considering the evidence, February is most likely.

Firstly he reports that Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg recently said “Verizon and Apple are close but just couldn’t get the deal done in time for the holiday shopping season.” Bearing that in mind a July release date seems to be too far away for Verizon who really need the iPhone as soon as possible. So what about a January release?

Kaneshige argues against this by pointing out that a Verizon iPhone is unlikely to steal the attention at CES 2011 in January. The reason he gives for this is that Verizon will have sold a huge amount of new phones over the holiday season and if a Verizon iPhone turned up inside the 30-day return period many customers would return their phones for an iPhone instead. It’s for this reason that Kaneshige points out the most likely time for a release is in February and I have to say these arguments look to make a lot of sense.

Meanwhile Matt Phillips over on The Wall Street Journal looks at price target raises for Apple with the prospects of a Verizon iPhone in mind and we’ve also looked at why the trend for Androids will be reversed when a Verizon iPhone finally arrives. What do you think will be the most likely release date for a Verizon iPhone? Do you agree with Kaneshige that February looks like the most likely month? We’d welcome your thoughts on this so please do send those comments in.

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  1. Jason says:

    In my view, the 30 day return policy works out in Verizon's favor as they now collect $35 for restocking. So now, they will sell another device, and be able to sell a refubished one as well, and collect the $35. Verizon put these pieces into play at strategic junctions throughout the year, in preparation for the iPhone launch. Big Red didn't become and stay the largest in the US by accident, very well run organization from top to bottom.

  2. I believe that the release date for both the white iPhone and the CDMA (Verizon) iPhone will most likely be Apples regular June/July timeline. The iPhone 5 is supposed to be compatible with the new 4G server right? But we all know how it went when AT&T went 3G and it threw off Apples release date because they wanted to launch a 3G on a well tested server system. Now, if Verizon is going 4G soon, but hasn't this near to the new year, then it won't be up to Apple's satisfaction in time for them to want to start testing a 4G iPhone and have it ready for the iPhone 5 to come out in June or July. So, keep quiet, keep the customers theorizing about a Verizon iPhone and a white iPhone and then when you are good and ready then release those to buy time for a properly tested and Apple quality assured 4G iPhone 5 to launch on their regular schedule in 2012. Make any sense to anyone else?

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