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T-Mobile Drops Galaxy Tab Price To $350

T-Mobile Drops Galaxy Tab Price To $350

With many of us in a shopping frenzy on the lead up to Christmas and trying to source out that all important present, today news from T-Mobile may be about to brighten up your day. For Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet and Vibrant smartphone are now being retailed at two pretty fantastic prices.

In fact, we are talking about the Galaxy Tab being offered at $349.99 in comparison to the original price of $399.99 and the Android smartphone at $149.99. Have you considered this Christmas the option of moving over to a contract plan instead of shelling out on a stand alone price? If so, then the network provider is retailing the tablet device at the price above on a two-year data plan, along with it’s neighbour the Samsung Vibrant. Price reduction on that from $199.99 initially to a drop of $149.99. As BGR reported, it appears that these prices will now stay fixed, giving you plenty of opportunity to purchase one if not both of these devices.

On digesting this, InformationWeek have kindly compared these new prices with T-Mobile competitors. Sprint are currently offering the Galaxy Tab at $399.99 on a two-year contract or a one off payment of $599. AT&T are offering the tablet for $649.99 with no contract and Verizon $599.

Does T-Mobile’s offering get the thumbs up from you? If not, tell us why, and where you will be getting your tablet from?

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