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Verizon iPhone 4G LTE Release Date: New Rumors

December 15, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Verizon iPhone 4G LTE Release Date: New Rumors

News for the last couple of months in the tech world has been focused around what we can expect to see in 2011. There’s the huge Consumer Electronics Show in January which in itself will be bringing it’s fair share of good tidings, along with news of the next generation iPad rumored first to be here in February but now April. Another device which has caused a lot of tongues to wag it that of the Verizon iPhone.

Alan over at PR News has reported today, that it’s arrival is looking more and more like a January release, in fact straight after Christmas, and along with it the iPhone will possibly be running the new 4G LTE network. News sourced from Mac Daily News is strongly indicating that the two “maybes” are looking more like “definites.” They also reported on the handset incorporating a multi-band chip to support CDMA 3G as well as 4G LTE.

So what can we take away from today’s news? Well judging by years gone by when Apple are notorious for showcasing their products at WWDC, for some of you, this news may appear a little strange? Why January and not after Apple’s premier conference event?

What are your thoughts on this news? Do you think the Apple device is on standby ready to go? Are you yourself waiting for it to make an appearance?

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  1. This is shocking if the bring out new iPhone after xmas I’m due an upgrade this is so exciting

  2. I believe that the release date for both the white iPhone and the CDMA (Verizon) iPhone will most likely be Apples regular June/July timeline instead of January or February. The iPhone 5 is supposed to be compatible with the new 4G server right? But we all know how it went when AT&T went 3G and it threw off Apples release date because they wanted to launch a 3G on a well tested server system. Now, if Verizon is going fully 4G soon, but hasn't this near to the new year, then it won't be up to Apple's satisfaction in time for them to want to start pushing a 4G iPhone and have it ready for the iPhone 5 to come out in June or July 2011. So with this much on your plate, what do you do? You keep quiet, keep the customers theorizing about a Verizon iPhone, and a white iPhone and then when you are good and ready then release those to buy time for a properly tested and Apple quality assured 4G iPhone 5 to launch on their regular schedule in 2012. Make any sense to anyone else?

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