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Nokia E7 Release Date Delay: N8 Repeat

December 15, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Nokia E7 Release Date Delay: N8 Repeat

We first informed you about the Nokia E7 smartphone back in September and then more recently told how it would be appearing on the 3 mobile network. However although it’s now due for release in early 2011 it had been anticipated it would have been released before the end of 2010, and so this is another setback for Nokia who are struggling to make headground in the crowded smartphone market.

The flagship launch of the Nokia N8 was also delayed and once released had some technical problems and so this latest delay will add to the increasing dents in Nokia’s reputation with Andrew Ward over on telling how analysts feel this will “reinforce concerns over Nokia’s ability to keep pace with rapid innovation by other manufacturers in the smartphone market.”

Explaining the delay Nokia said that more time was necessary to give “the best possible user experience.” The failure on Nokia’s part to make sure that the E7 would be on the shelves in time for the holiday shopping season only highlights previous concerns about the company falling behind while its rivals jump in on the ever-increasing Android market.

Meanwhile in further worrying news about the Nokia company Brian Osborne over on, sourced from Reuters, reports that Nokia may be cutting around 800 jobs in January. What do you think about Nokia’s current woes and its lack of ability to keep up with the current market? We’d be interested in your thoughts so why not send us your comments.

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  1. SVA says:

    Perhaps Nokia should scrap the idea of releasing more Symbian phones after the N8 'Saviour's lackluster reviews, and instead put all efforts into MeeGo, perhaps adapting planned products like the E7 (which looks amazing !!!) to run this OS ! It is about time they cut their losses, realize that Symbian had its run and played an important part in the history of the smartphone, and move on in what is known as "Evolution". Maybe the ideas they had for Symbian 4 could be further developed as originally planned, given a new name (to rid itself of an old stigma) and used in lower end feature phones. That would likely ensure their continued success in parts of the world where these phones are still big sellers. Gee, Microsoft of all people had to bite the bullet and rework W7 from the ground up…. why must Nokia carry on with turning people off of their excellent hardware with an archetypical OS ?

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