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Deleted Contacts On Gmail: Restore Them And Delegate

December 15, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Deleted Contacts On Gmail: Restore Them And Delegate

If you have recently had a mass contact clear out on your Gmail account and have looked back and thought you were too hasty when deleting someone, then you can get a second chance with a new restore option that Google has added.

This new restore feature allows you to bring back any deleted contacts that have been sent to the virtual dustbin within 30 days. If you decided to send them packing any more than a month ago then they are probably gone forever. This tool can be very useful to combat human error, which lets face it happens alot on computers. Mashable thinks that this feature will come good if you’re trying to switch devices and sync contacts but accidentally delete contact information from your Gmail account.

The dialogue box that you see above will allow you to enable this new tool. Simply go to the contacts section and click more actions, where you will have the option to restore contacts and select the time period for what information you want to bring back. This is not the only new feature Gmail has brought us, as Geeky Gadgets has been speaking about the new delegation tool.

Multiple account logins have never really been possible in the past, so normally you would have to log out of one and then in to the next; however it changes now. With delegation it gives you the option to permit other users to access your Gmail account and vice versa whilst still being logged in to their own account.

This feature is ideal for letting a colleague process your inbox and send emails on your behalf. If you want to start using it then go to the settings on your account, and then add another email account under the Accounts tab and click Grant Access. Let us know your opinion on these new features by leaving a comment.

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