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Apple TV software update 4.1.1 : Fixes glitches or does it?

December 15, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Apple TV software update 4.1.1 : Fixes glitches or does it?

Since the new Apple TV was released back in September the set-top box has sold better than even Apple’s expectations with sales now of around 250,000 of the $99 device. It’s fair to say though that although it has been successful it has not been without its problems.

However yesterday Apple released a software update, 4.1.1 which should be able to address some of the issues. Recently the previous update, 4.1, added AirPlay support and smoothed out a few glitches but some users reported having problems with long download times and HDMI “handshaking” issues which causes color glitches, according to Josh Ong over on Apple Insider, sourced from Apple.

The 4.1.1 update was supposed to fix these errors but some people who have already updated say the issues haven’t been resolved. However another Apple Insider reader reported that the software update had fixed a “flickering” problem with his TV. Lex Friedman over on MacWorld has also reported on the Apple TV update and if you want to install the update go to Settings, then General and then select Update Software.

We really want to know if you’ve had any issues with your Apple TV and also if this software update has fixed your problems so please do send in your comments about this.

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