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YouTube Trends: Keeping track of what’s popular, plus VIDEO

December 14, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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YouTube Trends: Keeping track of what’s popular, plus VIDEO

Here at OSM we know just how many of you are interested in news about YouTube and have recently posted an article on how YouTube gained the number one position in the top 10 social media sites of 2010. Yesterday we also brought you news of the top ten 2010 YouTube videos. Now we have news to tell you about the launch of YouTube Trends.

In much the same way as Google Trends, a quick and simple way to see what people are currently searching for, YouTube Trends will help people keep track of what is popular and being most-watched on YouTube, according to Nathan Olivarez-Giles on the Los Angeles Times. YouTube Trends manager, Kevin Allocca wrote that Trends would be a “destination for daily insight into the zeitgeist of the world’s largest video site.”

There are now a staggering 35 hours of video put onto YouTube every minute and just some of the features of Trends are spotlighting trending topics and videos, a blog, a dashboard that will let people see what’s popular among particular groups of people (such as by age or gender or geographically) and billboard style charts. Twice a day there will also be a collection of 4 videos, “4 at 4,” taken from the trending topics and videos. Tor read more about this go to

There’s also an introductory video about YouTube Trends featuring the Gregory Brothers available and you can see the video below this story. What are your thoughts on YouTube Trends? Will you be spending even more time on YouTube? We’d be interested to receive your comments about this so please do send them in.

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