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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange granted bail but still in jail

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange granted bail but still in jail

If you’ve been following all our WikiLeaks posts here on OSM you’ll know we’ve been bringing you all the latest developments and most recently wrote about a link between the Amazon store going down and WikiLeaks, removeable media being banned by the U.S. military and also asked how much worse the WikiLeaks Cyberwar could get as hackers in defense of WikiLeaks attack large company websites.

Now it seems as though there are fears in the U.K. that government websites may come under attack by pro-WikiLeaks hackers, according to BBC News. Sir Peter Ricketts the U.K.’s national security adviser issued the warning even though so far the hacktivists known as Anonymous have mostly targeted website attacks on firms that have withdrawn support for WikiLeaks or are anti-WikiLeaks.

Civil servants have been cautioned that the most vulnerable government websites likely to come under attack are those for tax returns or benefits claims. It is thought that the reason U.K. government websites may come under attack are because of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange appearing in court in extradition proceedings. Mr. Assange denies allegations of sex crimes but even though the U.K. courts granted him bail, he has been kept in prison as Swedish authorities have appealed against the bail decision. He will continue to fight against extradition and denies the crimes.

An article by Vikram Dodd and Sam Jones on the Guardian tells more about the extraordinary proceedings in court today and also tells of more leaked cables. What are your thoughts on the saga of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange? We’d be interested to hear all your different views so please share them with us by sending us your comments.

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