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Top Christmas Wishes: Facebook and Twitter say it’s family and friends

December 13, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Top Christmas Wishes: Facebook and Twitter say it’s family and friends

We’ve been trying to give readers ideas about gifts for the holiday season and only recently have posted on customizable gadget gifts and also some great ideas for business gifts, but it seems that we may be being rather too materialistic if looking at Christmas wish list messages on Twitter and Facebook is anything to go by.

Analysis of these messages has found out that what people want more than anything, is just to spend the holiday with family and friends. The wish list analyser was created by social media agency Yomego and the service analyzed messages that talked about Christmas wants, processing more than 40,000 on the first day. The BBC reports that the analysis was made by searching messages for keywords and then putting wants and wishes into various categories and Steve Richards, head of Yomego said, “People want everything from iPads to a divorce.”

However analysis of messages on the first day revealed that “people” were at the very top of people’s Christmas wishes, either spending time with family or particular people, although other more unusual gifts such as leopard cubs or tummy tucks were also evident. Meanwhile if you still want to give a physical gift but want to steer away from the materialistic then what about a handmade gift. You can find some really good ideas in an article over on

You might also find our previous article on holiday gifts to avoid giving of use. We’d like to know what’s at the top of your Christmas wish list this year. Do you agree that spending the holiday with ones you love is most important or maybe you just want the latest gadget? Why not send in your comments to us please.

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