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Top 2010 YouTube Videos: What the world watched

December 13, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Top 2010 YouTube Videos: What the world watched

Earlier today we gave you an article about the top 10 Twitter trends of 2010 and now it’s the turn of YouTube for a top ten 2010 list. The popular site which recently topped another list itself, the top 10 social media sites of 2010, has put together a review of this year’s most-watched videos and you may be surprised at some of the films that made it into the top ten.

Mia Quagliarello, YouTube’s community manager told in a recent blog how in 2010 thirteen million hours of video footage was uploaded to video and there were 700 billion viewings of YouTube videos, according to Emily Banks over on Mashable. The first list is the top 10 most-watched videos globally, not counting major label music videos and number one on the list was the “Bed Intruder Song” auto-tuned from a TV interview by Antoine Dobson, which received more than 47.5 million hits.

Number two on the list was Tik Tok Kesha Parody : “Glitter Puke – Key of Awesome” and number three was Greyson Chance singing “Paparazzi”. Others in the top ten include The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Trailer, and Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan. Another list is of the top 10 most-watched major label music videos and number one on this list is Justin Bieber with “Baby” featuring Ludacris. There are only 4 other artists that make up the top 10 and they are Eminem, Lady Gaga, Shakira and Rihanna. You can see both of the full lists over on

The videos on the first list can also all be viewed in one article by Gina DiNunno over on TV Guide so check the videos out and let us know your favorite. Are you surprised by any that have made the top 10 lists or by any omissions? Why not send us your comments to let us know.

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