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Thousands of Twitter accounts attacked by Acai Berry: How about you?

December 13, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Thousands of Twitter accounts attacked by Acai Berry: How about you?

Several days ago we posted an article about a Twitter virus but now there are warnings today of a new spam attack currently taking place on Twitter which is spreading so fast that already hundreds of thousands of Twitter accounts have been compromised. The attack is in the form of an Acai Berry advertisement which will turn accounts into spammers.

An article over on Mashable by Ben Parr brought this to our attention and says that the attack is distributing so fast that in one minute alone, 10,000 tweets connected to the attack arose. The initial advice was to avoid clicking on any links that contain the domain name “acainews.” Parr reports that in all the years that Mashable have tracked Twitter worms and security, this attack is one of the most prolific.

It could be that clicking on the links as detailed above causes the attack to spread but more recent updates also report that this may not be the case and the spam could be arising from accounts that have already been compromised. An even later update gives information from Twitter’s Del Harvey which says that the attack appears to be connected to another attack recently on Gawker and the best thing to do at the moment is change your Twitter passwords.

Meanwhile Graham Cluley over on has also looked into the Twitter spam attack and notes the problem with the spam messages seems to arise from using the same password on Twitter as other accounts like Gawker, and also advises people to change their Twitter passwords. Cluley notes that the key issue with these types of problem is people using different websites but keeping the same password for all of them and there’s a really useful video at the link above about how to choose a strong password.

We’d like to know your experiences if you’ve been affected by this Twitter attack so please do share your thoughts on this by sending us your comments.

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