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Tech support for parents from Google: Video tutorials

Tech support for parents from Google: Video tutorials

There’s great news for those of you who seem to spend most of the time spent with your parents these days explaining how to do tech things as they try to master their computers. While we take our hats off to our parents for trying, it can sometimes be exasperating to say the least.

Now Google has come to the rescue with a tech support package for parents that could save many family relationships over the upcoming holiday season. Melissa Bell of The Washington Post tells us of this Google initiative of a tech support care package with video tutorials aimed at kids that want to help out their parents with computing basics. Check it out at Bell tells an amusing anecdote about her mother sending home 438 separate e-mails from a trip to China, each with a different photograph attached.

Don’t think this is only for kids to share with their parents though; I’m no kid anymore but still help out my mother virtually every time I see her. The only complaint I have so far about the Google tutorials are that there’s not one to show how to switch the computer on! I’ve taken a look at the tutorials and from what I’ve seen even a rank beginner could not fail to go wrong. Once again, I’m jesting only in fun as at least my mother is trying to master the art of e-mail…and one day I’m sure she’ll get there.

Categories for the tutorials include basics such as copy and paste, adjusting the time on the clock, and making text bigger or smaller and go on to look at the world wide web, communication, media and finding information. John Brownlee over on tells how the video tutorials are being posted on YouTube and how there are now 54 to choose from. If you choose to send a tutorial to a parent they will receive a message with a link to the tutorial and you can also tick optional remarks to them, such as ‘good luck.’

Although this is aimed at parents you could of course share these tutorials with other family members, friends or even colleagues at work that ask the same thing over and over again. What are your thoughts on the tutorials? I’m going to try sending some to my mother and I’m pretty hopeful it will work but I’d like to hear from you with your views so please do send in those comments.

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