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Roku Firmware Update: Available now

Roku Firmware Update: Available now

All those of you who are interested in home entertainment might be interested in this next item especially if you have a Roku Box. We have recently posted about the Roku XDS, and also a look at other set-top boxes to help you choose what might suit you, but this time the news is about a firmware update for Roku.

If you currently use an early version of the Roku XR with 720p and have watched your friends with newer models using full HD, then you’ll like this update (2.9-b1509), which will give you the required pixels, according to Tim Stevens over on Engadget, sourced from Roku Forums. If you already have 1080p the upgrade will still benefit you.

The firmware update will also enable enhanced performance for Hulu, with quicker trick play navigation and playback start and there are the usual bug fixes associated with updates. There’s also a modified channel store and added screensaver preview. If your box is left on it will automatically update but if you can’t wait that long head to “Settings,” followed by “Player Info” then “Check for Updates.”

Over on Slashgear, sourced from Zatz Not Funny, Chris Davies lists more details about the firmware update. If you have a Roku Box you’re probably getting ready to update manually right now. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the firmware update so why not send us your comments

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