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2010 Twitter Trends: Gulf oil spill tops the year’s list

December 13, 2021 | Debbie Turner
2010 Twitter Trends: Gulf oil spill tops the year’s list

Following on from news about the Twitter spam attack that we posted on earlier today is more news about Twitter. We often bring you news about the top Twitter trends in a week but now we have information about the 2010 Top Twitter Trends to share with you.

Alison Diana of Information Week informs us that in 2010 there were over 25 billion tweets sent, yes billion, and these tweets have now been analyzed to see which the top 10 are. Along with the top trends overall there are also separate categories for subjects such as new, movies, TV, technology and others. Overall though the number one position at the top of the list goes to the Gulf oil spill.

In second position is the FIFA World Cup, while third is “Inception”, fourth the Haiti earthquake and amazingly fifth position is taken by Vuvuzela! Now we know they were extremely popular news at the time of the World Cup but it seems amazing that the Vuvuzela is included in the top 10 Twitter trends for 2010. For the rest of the overall top 10 check out the Information Week link above.

Meanwhile for all our techie readers out there we have news on the Top Tech Twitter Trends for 2010 from Slash Lane over on Apple Insider. Apple products dominate this list with the Apple iPad in number one and then Google’s Android OS in number two, followed by another Apple mention in number three, Apple iOS, while number four position is the Apple iPhone. Apple’s MacBook Air also made it onto the list in position number 9.

Are you surprised by any of the items that made it onto the overall top Twitter trends for 2010, or the technology list? Maybe you’re shocked by something that didn’t appear? We’d be interested in your thoughts about this so why not send us your comments.

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