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WikiLeaks: Removable media now banned by U.S. Military

WikiLeaks: Removable media now banned by U.S. Military

We know how many of you are following all the news about WikiLeaks after the latest round of leaks and have posted many articles on this. Recent posts included telling how Facebook and also Twitter are still holding out against banning WikiLeaks despite pressure from the U.S. government which has already seen both Amazon and PayPal cut their links with WikiLeaks.

We also wondered how much worse the WikiLeaks Cyberwar could get after recent hacking attacks by people in support of WikiLeaks on large company websites. Now it seems the U.S. Military has decided to try to clampdown on the leaks of information in the first place by banning its personnel from using removeable media sources, such as CD’s, DVD’s, and thumb drives etc, according to Noah Shachtman of Wired in a CNN report.

The “Cyber Control Order” was issued on December 3 by Major General Richard Webber, the commander of Air Force Network Operations. Furthermore personnel who do not comply with the directive could be subject to punishment under Article 92 of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, even though it’s been acknowledged that the move will make things more difficult to transfer data for operational needs.

Barry Levine over on NewsFactor tells of Pfc. Bradley Manning who admitted his part in some of the WikiLeaks material, telling how he downloaded documents in their thousands onto a CD labelled Lady Gaga. The army’s Criminal Investigation Unit later arrested Manning. It remains to be seen of course whether this crackdown will be able to stop all future leaks of sensitive material, although I somehow doubt it. What are your thoughts on the WikiLeaks saga? We’d like to hear from you so why not send us your comments.

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  1. johnD says:

    aah yes, closing the barn door after the horses get out !!!!

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