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Top 10 social media sites 2010: YouTube leads the way

Top 10 social media sites 2010: YouTube leads the way

So which social network do you think came out tops in a rating of most-mentioned websites and social media services? You may guess Twitter or Facebook but in fact the top place on the list for 2010 goes to YouTube in the Zeta 2010 Buzz Awards which looks at the popularity of 125 social media sites.

The rankings depend on the volume of mentions and also the amount of positive mentions of websites to decide places on the awards list and according to Emily Banks over on Mashable, some of the first social networking sites have lost out in popularity this year to video and photo-sharing sites such as YouTube and Flickr. Positive mentions of YouTube and Flickr were a staggering 91% and 98% respectively and those sites came first and second in the awards.

Meanwhile three sites that dropped out of the top 10 were Craigslist and MySpace and Friendster, while sites getting into the top 10 for the first year were Google Buzz, Groupon and StumbleUpon. Twitter was in third place while Facebook came in sixth position. If you’re not yet into YouTube and wonder why it’s so popular then check out an article over on the Calgary Herald by Jeevan Brar and Daniel Roos who have put together a Best of YouTube selection for the week of December 13.

Are you surprised at YouTube featuring at the top of the chart? I think many of us forget just how often we use it but what would you put at the top of your own chart? We’d welcome your thoughts on this so feel free to send us your comments.

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  1. Excellent Post. Social Media is changing to a more Media driven culture. It was of no surprise YouTube was at the top of the list followed by Flikr. I think with time they will dominate and the other social media sites like Facebook and YouTube will have to change the way they allow multimedia to be shared on their sites. Facebook is very good so far as you can already share YouTube videos right on the wall.

  2. I use several different forms of social media for business. However, I have found YouTube to be less than useful. Perhaps it is just me and the way I use it?

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