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Amazon European Sites Down: Is there a link with WikiLeaks?

December 12, 2021 | Gary Johnson

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Amazon European Sites Down: Is there a link with WikiLeaks?

If you are trying to buy some of those all important gifts for Christmas right now via Amazon, and you live in Europe you will encounter a problem.

Currently at the time of writing all of the online retailer’s sites in Europe are inaccessible. Twitter is awash with the news, with speculation that WikiLeaks supporters Operation Payback could have something to do with the downtime.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry of Business Insider is reporting that previously the group of hackers had decided not to hit Amazon as it was a too big target. Andrew Chen a Gawker writer Tweeted that he was in an Operation Payback IRC channel, and that “they’re hitting MasterCard as far as I can tell. They’re confused about Amazon downtime.”

Maybe Operation Payback have decided to hit Amazon, and given the time of year cause as much disruption as possible. Regardless of why Amazon is currently down consumers will be frustrated not being able to access the site, with many looking elsewhere to make their purchases.

Have you been trying to make a purchase on Amazon?

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  1. Anon says:

    Ok this article is very wrong.
    I am writing this comment 30mins after your article.

    At this time of writing (30mins after you) is up is up is up is up

    The reason operation payback did not attack amazon was that it would cause too much harm for consumers especially at this time of year. Operation Payback had enough activists at that stage to take down nearly any site.

    Operation Payback is now down due to one of the leaders being arrested (
    Their irc and site is down so there is no way of coordinating attacks with the public. ALso their twitter and facebook were both removed.

    Get your facts right.


    • Sleeper says:

      sounds like you need to get your facts straight! First of all we are anon! everyone is anon. leaders we don't have for we all lead. They take one twitter account down, we put up ten more! Operation Payback is not down. We still have 6 IRC Servers working! Your slander goes nowhere here. Failure is not tolerated. Enemies are to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Anonymous must work as one. Anonymous is everyone and noone. You are. I am. Everyone is. Anonymous is humanity when the gloves come off. Anonymous is legion and its deeds are legend. Join the fight -

      I want you to understand that your hopes and wishes will fall short because of the fact you do'nt have your fact straight. You have made a new foe, we anon are looking at you now!

    • Anonymous says:


      Who should be the one getting his facts right? Anonymous doesn't believe in a leader, and distance/hates anyone who declares themselves so. /b/ is nobody's personal army.

      Anonymous did attack , but to show that they didn't give a shit about what command thought and could do things without needing a coordinator. The guy arrested? No Anon has ever heard of him until he was arrested. Which shows how unimportant he is. And there isn't only one source of info. There are more than 20 IRC and 10 twitter accounts, and when they go down, each comes back. It's like a Hydra. Cut off one head and you'll get two more.

      Operation Payback is not down because, or even in spite of arrests. It is surging in strength. Maybe the DDOSes are falling in strength, but that is because Anonymous is discovering that the LOIC or the HOIC is not their only weapon.

      There is another, more powerful and lasting weapon in their arsenal. And it's totally legal, too. It's called a real-world protest. The second one is Operation Leakspin, the plan to show everyone how important Wikileaks is.

      In short, now that they've gained your attention through DDOSes, they can now show you why these secrets shouldn't be kept secret. Like that Pfizer illegally gave children experimental drugs and got the U.S. to prevent lawsuits. Or that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was slapped by his assistant when he even thought of giving Iranians civil rights. Or that China just succeeded in single-particle quantum transportation, effectively ending America's dominance of Physics.

      Why would any of that information kill anyone? Governments can keep secrets, but why about corporations putting profit over lives and the fact that the Iranian President is not as evil as they tell us? Think about that yourself. And that is what most of Anonymous is doing now. Debunking the lies and prejudices that we have about these cables, and telling us to take another look.

      Of course, some Anons stay in the past and still DDOS. But that is what defines Anonymous. There is no command, just informants. There is no single plan, just free ideas that anyone can contribute. And the only thing you need to join these people is a love of freedom and a willingness to protect it.

      Please take another look at Anonymous before brushing them off as evil, anarchic, and failures. Anonymous will continue to fight for everyone's freedom, whether on the internet or in the real world.

      Don't take my word for it, or anyone else's. Get your own opinion by researching on what they are doing.

      Or check out the old anons who are sticking to the LOIC on their IRC channel.

  2. Anon says:

    Well I feel very stupid. I am very new to this as you obviously see and am VERY grateful for those two posts especially that awesome post (3rd poster "Anonymous") and you guys taking the time to write it. It helped alot! I've only started this and am realising the facts and lies of the governments etc. I don't know much but one day I hope to become to become even more aware of the situations and be able to give advice to people like you did to me.
    I am very sorry for my stupid naive post.
    Thanks again.

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