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X Factor Final: Cher Lloyd first out - Twitter and Facebook speak

December 11, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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X Factor Final: Cher Lloyd first out – Twitter and Facebook speak

Tonight saw the first part of the X Factor 2010 final with the second part to follow tomorrow. All four remaining contestants, Cher Lloyd, Matt Cardle, Rebecca Ferguson and group One Direction performed duets with stars, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Robbie Williams respectively and there were some great and some not-so-great performances.

Twitter was alive with the sound of music tweets during the show and afterwards. If you go to the X Factor Final Twitter page here you’ll see just how many people are tweeting comments about the final tonight. Personally I felt it was Cher Lloyd’s time to go tonight and indeed she was the first one to leave the final, at the end of tonight’s show. Early on in tomorrow’s show the second person to go will be kicked off leaving 2 to fight it out for the title. Although Matt Cardle has been my favourite to win the show since the beginning, for once his still-bad throat after a bout of tonsillitis meant he did not sing to his best ability which was a real shame for the finals but at least he lived to fight another day.

The reaction on Twitter seems to be that many people seem to be glad that Matt Cardle has made it through to tomorrow night’s show while there’s also a lot of talk going on about the female judges fashion sense. Alternatively take a look at the Twitter page about Cher Lloyd here and there’s a very mixed response indeed with some rather harsh comments and some in stalwart defence of the singer. It does seem as though, as people have commented before, she’s like Marmite, you either love her…

You can also join in the fun on the X Factor Facebook page where a phenomenal amount of people are commenting to questions. For example over 3,000 people have already responded to being asked the question, “What do you think about Cher leaving?” From looking at some of the responses there are as many replies glad that Cher has gone as positive ones that are sad that she’s no longer on the show. What are your thoughts on the X Factor final and Cher Lloyd being the first to go? We’d be interested to know so please do send in your comments to us.

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