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Want More Video Time? YouTube Lifting 15 Minute Restriction

December 10, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Want More Video Time? YouTube Lifting 15 Minute Restriction

For all of you out there who are regular visitors to YouTube, then this may be a Christmas gift come early. The site has now announced that they are removing the 15 minute video time cap for those users who have always complied with community guidelines.

Previously every single video was allowed a maximum of 15 minutes per upload so it led to some types of video having to be broken down into several parts which could get very annoying if some went missing or were not complete. It it not confirmed what the exact extension time on each video is and the new maximum time for each one. However Search Engine Roundtable has reported that on the YouTube forums, some users have been claiming that they have been able to upload video of up to 2.5 hours long.

So it appears that the “good” YouTube users are being rewarded for not breaking any copyright rules, however Geeky Gadgets has reported that the increase in video time is because of the launch of Google TV opposed to as a gift to users. Now YouTube’s content partners such as National Geographic can upload their documentaries and videos in full, opposed to having to break them down into parts.

On top of the increase in video time for some, the site will also be enforcing a stricter view on copyright by using a Content ID system that will allow Google to detect and block violating movies. The YouTube product manager Joshua Siegel has said that Content ID can scan around 100 years worth of video per day to prevent misuse. This sounds like an insane amount of video and considering the fact that the site receives 35 hours of video a minute, that figure is justified.

Whats your take on the video extension time that YouTube are giving their law abiding users? Is it really a nice reward or is it just a smokescreen for Google TV to help out their content partners. Whether you upload videos or just watch them, let us know what you think.

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  1. big-al says:

    I see youtube has broken the system again, preventing those of us with slower connections from watching videos offline. Youtube sucks big time and lets' not even go near google tv, another waste of cyber space, just like youtube. I won't be going near youtube or google tv ever again.

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