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Students Also Using Twitter To Vent Fury At The Government

December 10, 2021 | Matt Tran

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Students Also Using Twitter To Vent Fury At The Government

With the government’s decision yesterday to allow universities across the UK to triple tuition fees, students from all areas took to London to protest and riot. Affected graduate hopefuls everywhere have also used social networks to make their feelings heard with Twitter especially becoming busy with furious and upset students.

There are mixed views on the microblogging site with some users claiming they have been betrayed and others showing their disapproval at the damage that has been caused. One user ipaulmadden said “by all means protest, but violence, creating fires and damaging property is one huge step too far”. Where another user CesarMarciano has said “This fight is not over”. Other users have already used Twitter to announce their next protest plans with the violence and demonstrating expected to continue.

A large portion of the fury has been vented at deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg because he made it his personal pledge to vote against the rise when he was the leader of the Liberal Democrats but changed his mind and decided to vote for the rise, despite describing tuition fees as “wrong”. You can see this in a YouTube video embedded below, taken from the Facebook group against the rise in fees.

The anger has been stepped up with University of London student leader Clare Solomon announcing on the BBC’s Twitter page that the “government to feel full force of student movement for voting for fee increases”. As a student myself, who is going to be affected by these changes I can tell you that I fully understand everyone’s frustration but I dont think destroying parts of London will help our cause. Hopefully the government will compromise with their decision, which is effectively killing the education of all students in the UK by allowing universities to charge up to £9,000 in fees.

What do you think of the governments decision to remove the fee cap, and the manner in which students have reacted to this? We want to hear your feelings on this subject whether you are a student of not, so leave us a comment and tell us your opinion.

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