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Stopping The Spies: Internet Explorer 9

Stopping The Spies: Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft are cracking down on websites and advertisers that watch what you browse with a new security feature on Internet Explorer 9 that gives tracking protection.

The latest browser will block advertisers and give surfers the option to stop websites from looking at their habits, with the option to also make a Tracking Protection List which allows the sites you want to track you, with other selected sites being blocked. However because this feature is opt in, the Independent has suggested that it wont make much difference because “most IE9 users won’t have the know-how or the patience to sit down and build their own TPLs”.

Ricg has gone on to say that a “Do not track” option has been suggested by Jon Leibowitz, chairman of the Federal Trade Commission who believes that with the introduction of IE9′s new security feature, consumers are back in control of tracking. This tracking issue may even become a law in the US and parts of the EU if the tracking protection does not work effectively enough. The beta version of Internet Explorer 9 was released in September and the full version with the security integration will be out next year according to Cnet, with the security feature being announced on the IE9 blog on December 7th.

What do you think of the new tracking protection that is coming with IE9? Is it a great way to finally stop the pesky advertisers from looking at what you are doing? Or do you like people tracking you so that they can offer you things in relation to what you search for?

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  1. Netizen says:

    I want the choice to opt in or out of privacy same as I don't want someone following me to my home or to work, the same concept should be placed on the internet. Choice is important, Microsoft listened well.

  2. jerry says:

    when is Interent Explorer # 9 to come out, its been a long time now. that it was to come out in 2010, but when, as I like to see how its to work an will it work on XP as well as Windows Vista an WIndows 7 also……..

  3. Cassandra_IE_Team says:

    @Jerry - There is not an official release date for IE9 beta yet. The release is dependent on development milestones, so it's still open. When a date is announced, you'll be able to find out first at the IE page on Facebook at It will be available for Windows 7 and Vista users.

    IE Outreach Team

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