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Samsung Galaxy S: Includes Opera Mini

December 10, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Samsung Galaxy S: Includes Opera Mini

Samsung Galaxy S users will now be able to download Opera Mini on to their Smartphone’s. Opera has introduced its mobile web browser to the Galaxy S as a direct download from the Opera website, it will also come preloaded on the devices through certain markets.

Although there are similar browsers from the likes of Bolt and UC Browser, Opera Mini is leaps ahead when it comes down to interface. Techtree commented on the browser’s ability to speed up page loading by compressing data by up to 90 percent. Once this data has been compacted at the server the content is then sent on to the device. While this not only allows faster transfers it also reduces the cost of data charges.

As Opera put it on their web page, the Mini allows a faster browsing experience, with rendering speeds putting it ahead of other mobile browser equivalents. They also state that using their browser makes web surfing easier than from a desktop computer.

Opera Software’s CEO Lars Boilesin is obviously pleased with the work with Samsung and was reported to say: “We are very glad to provide the best mobile Internet experience to Samsung’s Galaxy S users and Opera fans in selected markets. We also hope that global fans can get the chance in the near future.”

Whilst Opera has fallen by the wayside in the PC market, their technology has meant that have moved forward in the mobile sector.

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S user, can you see the advantages of Opera Mini in your device?

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