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Google Cr-48 Notebook Teardown: Video Shows Destruction

Google Cr-48 Notebook Teardown: Video Shows Destruction

It’s been three days since Google unveiled Google Chrome OS and the Cr-48, the first notebook to come with the latest operating system. Both Engadget and CNET News received theirs yesterday, and offered an early hands-on review, which we reported. However, I was shocked to learn that Vlad Savov has already taken his apart.

Some may say that Google Chrome OS has a way to go, but it is a start, just like the Cr-48. It’s just sad to see something so new get taken apart like it has; although you cannot help but love a good teardown. This is only a basic teardown, nothing like the ones that we are used to from iFixit.

You can see by the disassembled images on Engadget that all that they have left intact is the motherboard and all the hardware that goes with it. Well, they cannot do too much, as it needs to get back to Google. Speaking of them, if you head over to YouTube you will see the destruction of a Cr-48 notebook, which you can also see for yourself below.

The idea that being able to carry on with your work even if your notebook has been destroyed is something that Google is striving to offer all of us; but are we ready for it yet? Brad McCarty from The Next Web said that this is certainly the future of web-based computing, but we have to remember that the Cr-48 will not be the device that we will be using. So I take it that the Samsung device coming later next year will be more powerful, and the Chrome OS bugs would have been ironed out by then?

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