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Facebook Dominance Unstoppable: Latest Analysis

December 10, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Facebook Dominance Unstoppable: Latest Analysis

Online social networking sites such as Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and so on may be proving popular in their own right, but it seems the current trend is for users to sign up to Facebook. Since it’s initial launch in 2004, the site has expanded to over 500 million subscribers worldwide. It seems that this can be backed up by the latest statistical information gathered by Vincenzo Cosenza’s “World Map Of Social Networks.”

By creating your own profile page, you can find and contact friends, send messages, receive notifications, update and share photos, join groups of interest and so on. Although Facebook has had it’s fair share of positive comments such as the introduction of “Places,” in some cases it’s the negative issues such as “Privacy” that have dominated the spotlight in months gone by. But this hasn’t stopped users supporting the site. TechCrunch reported on a recent study of website traffic data, looked into by Alexa and Google Trends, that the site has been growing particularly in Europe. Out of some 132 countries, Facebook are now front line leaders in 115 of these. But are things set to change?

According to, sites such as Facebook and Twitter may be feeling slightly apprehensive at this time. It was only last week that the EU pulled Google to one side, in relation to the way in which they may have discriminated agains’t services competing for search results. This subsequently resulted in the search engine being given a fine. To find out more head on over to

What are your thoughts on this? Can you see Facebook’s trend rising or do you think in time the novelty will wear off? To find out more head on over to TechCrunch.

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