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Android 2.2 Finally Ready For T-Mobile & 3 Customers

Android 2.2 Finally Ready For T-Mobile & 3 Customers

We recently brought you the news that all Samsung Galaxy S users on T-Mobile were supposed to have recieved their Android 2.2 update; however only a minority of users were able to download it and many were left angry and disappointed.

The update better known as “Froyo” was supposed to be rolled out to all customers on December 1st, but we are pleased to say that T-Mobile announced on their forums yesterday that the update is now fully ready. Cnet reports that the delay for a majority of users was due to T-Mobile making a tweak so that owners could flip between their signal and that of its new partner, Orange.

Customers on the 3 network will also be pleased to hear that Android 2.2 is also waiting for them after they announced on their Twitter page that Froyo would be ready on December 6th. If you want to update your OS to 2.2 then you have to connect your handset to your PC and use the Samsung Kies syncing software to do so. This can be inconvenient as most Android phones automatically download the update directly from the network but Samsung choose to do it a different way.

With the constant Android update delays frequently happening, with Froyo as an example, Geeky Gadgets has suggested that Google’s newest OS Gingerbread (2.3) may not even make it onto phones before the release of the next update which is Honeycomb (3.0). With all of these new operating systems coming rapidly it makes you wonder why some mobiles are taking Froyo now, with it set to be superseded soon.

Have you managed to get your Froyo update on the second attempt yet? Let know if you have and what you think of it. If you been unfortunate enough to still not receive it then we want to hear from you as well.

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  1. Michael says:

    Is this also for the united states samsung vibrant?

  2. yung lee kum says:

    i still dont have it and im in england and on orange its not fair its NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. simon williams says:

    nope still nothing>htc wildfire on 3

  4. Alex says:

    Same on 3 but still , getting annoyed now LOL

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