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AirPrint Compatible Printers List: HP Adds 6 More

December 10, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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AirPrint Compatible Printers List: HP Adds 6 More

When Steve Jobs announced that AirPrint would be available on iOS 4.2 those of us with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch were searching for supported printers. We can now inform you that the search will now be a lot easier since HP has announced 6 more AirPrint compatible printers.

These printers are already on the market, so all they need is a software update, which were made available yesterday. Support for AirPrint has been slow, but it has been Hewlett Packard leading the way. This is great news for those with a HP printer, but those of you with an Epson, Kodak and other such printers will be feeling a little angry about now.

Mark Gurman from 9 to 5 Mac points to the fact that some iOS users have been forced to go down the route of hacks to get their printers to work with AirPlay, but this is not always the best option, as we all know how tetchy these workarounds can be.

The 6 HP printers to receive a software update are as follows: Officejet 6500A e-AiO, 6500A Plus e-AiO and the 7500A Wide Format e-AiO. From the Offciejet Pro range we have the 8500A e-AiO, 8500A Plus e-AiO and the 8500A Premium e-AiO.

Having looked on the Epsom website I can still see that they do not have any AirPrint compatible printers. The reason for this is unknown at this time, but I do find it strange how they advise one customer to visit iTunes and download an app that will make their printers work with these iOS devices.

Why do you think that it is only HP that only supports this new feature?

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  1. Kyle says:

    You've got the process backwards with Apple leading HP. In reality, they just got to announce it. When you look at it the other way, it all makes sense.

    HP didn't jump on the bandwagon. They built it. HP leads the way in web-connected printers. It is because of HP that AirPrint is even available. The other printing companies (and Apple, too, for that matter) got caught by HP's innovative superiority.

  2. Name witheld says:

    A large part of HP's bottom line comes from selling ink and they "innovate" when they see the opportunity to sell more.

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