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WikiLeaks Cyberwar: How Much Worse Could It Get?

December 9, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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WikiLeaks Cyberwar: How Much Worse Could It Get?

Since the last round of WikiLeaks leaks we have been bringing you news almost daily it seems about attempts to impede WikiLeaks. The U.S. government has made it perfectly clear how displeased it is with WikiLeaks and following pressure from various sources Amazon booted WikiLeaks from its servers, and then PayPal closed down its WikiLeaks account.

We then posted though about how Twitter’s links with WikiLeaks were still holding strong, and then reported how Facebook was also not ready to ban WikiLeaks yet. Now it seems that hackers consisting of people determined to defend WikiLeaks are targeting certain websites in this information war, according to Andy Bloxham and Steven Swinford of The Telegraph.

Visa, Amazon and Mastercard have all been attacked by the hackers already and now the hackers have also targeted PayPal who banned the WikiLeaks account. This was a severe blow to WikiLeaks as PayPal provided its main channel for donations. The hackers defending WikiLeaks, who have dubbed themselves ‘Anonymous’ have also previously attacked the website of the Swedish government.

The ‘hacktivists’ also issued a statement, part of which read, “Hello World. We are Anonymous. What you do or do not know about us is irrelevant. We have decided to write to you, the media, and all citizens of the free world at large to inform you of the message, our intentions, potential targets, and our ongoing peaceful campaign for freedom. The message is simple: freedom of speech.” To read more hit the Telegraph link above.

Meanwhile an article by Shannon Fears on SFGate, sourced from the Sydney Morning Herald, gives an intriguing account of just how the hackers are going about their attacks. What are your thoughts on the WikiLeaks Cyberwar and how much worse do you think it could get? We’d be really interested to hear all your views on this so please do share your thoughts with us be sending in your comments about WikiLeaks.

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