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Google Cr-48 Chrome: Hands-on first impressions

December 9, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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Google Cr-48 Chrome: Hands-on first impressions

At the moment all the talk is about the new Google Chrome OS and some of our recent posts about Chrome include an article about top apps on the Google Chrome Web Store, another about Google Cloud Print for the new OS and of course we also reported on the new Chrome OS laptop, the Cr-48, which is a kind of public beta device.

We also told about the Chrome OS Pilot program whereby people who sign up might possibly receive a Cr-48 laptop to try out. Now I’m sure that Paul Miller over on Engadget didn’t have to apply for his Cr-48 through the pilot scheme but nevertheless he has managed to get his hands on one and given a preview of his first impressions of the look and feel of the device along with how Chrome OS seems. Miller has had a good look at the new 12.1-inch Atom powered laptop and after some time inspecting the hardware it’s fair to say he’s pretty impressed saving special praise for the matte screen which he says “overwhelms us with gratitude.”

The hands-on preview goes on to look at the software which gets more of a mixed rating. Miller says that the Cr-48 starts instantly with no drive or fan noises and adds that although waking from standby is quick, it takes around 15 seconds from a cold boot to login and then a further 6 or 7 seconds after the password is entered. He goes on to note though that this device as such is not meant for the mass consumer market but is certainly something to build on, and did I forget to say, he’s really impressed with how beautiful the hardware is.

Larry Dignan over on Cnet has also received his Cr-48 and after his first impressions his bottom line is that “For a long-time PC and Mac user, the Chromebook is almost too simple.” No doubt there will be plenty of in-depth reviews over the next few days and we’ll wait to see further impressions of the Chrome OS. You may also be interested in our article on Chrome OS vs. Android vs. Windows 7. We’d like to hear your thoughts on Google Chrome and the Cr-48 so please do send us your comments.

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