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Google Cloud Print: How To Guide and Hands On

Google Cloud Print: How To Guide and Hands On

Google Chrome OS is all the news at the moment and we previously reported on the new laptop, the Cr-48, that will be available running on the new OS. This device will be available in limited numbers as a kind of public beta device. We also reported on the Pilot Program for Chrome OS where those who apply are in with a chance of receiving the Cr-48.

Michael Muchmore over on has looked into the Google Cloud Print beta and points out that Chrome OS will not print-out to attached printers but will print using the Google Cloud Print service instead. Muchmore hopes to be receiving a pilot Cr-48 today but until then wanted to see how easy it was hands on to print from Chrome OS on existing printers, rather than new printers that will probably arrive Cloud Print-ready.

For now you should be able to set up a printer attached to a Windows PC for cloud printing as long as you have installed the beta of Chrome browser version 9. Muchmore’s article goes into further detail about installing Google Cloud Print and testing it but he had limited success. However he also mentions that Google admits that its Cloud Print beta may have some rough edges. He then adds that once Google OS machines are available all the problems should have been smoothed out.

You can also look at the Google Cloud Print beta page here for full step-by-step instructions on how to enable the Google Cloud Print connector in Chrome which is presently available for Windows XP, 7 and Vista with versions for Mac and Linux coming soon. You may also be interested in our recent article Google Chrome OS vs. Android vs. Windows 7. We’d like to know how you get on with Google Cloud Print so please do send us your comments about this.

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