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Could LTE Replace Home Broadband for Rural Communities?

December 9, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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Could LTE Replace Home Broadband for Rural Communities?

Alcatel Lucent has been running LTE trials in rural parts of Wales and it is hoped that this 4G Long Term Evolution will provide a solution to those areas that are unable to get broadband. However, LTE could even replace broadband that currently offers just 2Mbps.

This is a pilot scheme with the French telecoms company, and is expected to last for three months. Michael House from Mobile News Online explains that the new LTE trials will use the 800MHz spectrum, which was freed up after the digital switchover.

Alcatel reported that the first days of tests went well and speeds of 50Mbps were received from nine kilometers from the base stations, with estimates of 2Mbp from 20 kilometers away. So this does show that there is a future for this technology, and will be welcome in other parts of the country if all goes well.

Ian Morris from Crave had a little more to add on the whole opening up of this spectrum, saying that there was meant to be more competition. However, it now seems as if the coalition government in UK has decided not to go ahead with these plans.

There is currently no details as to how much such a service would cost, will be be the same, cheaper or more expensive than current broadband prices?

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