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Verizon’s iPhone 4 / 5 Cost - Keeping Exclusive


A couple of days ago we touched on the subject that Verizon were so focused on getting the iPhone 4 or 5 that they were prepared to pay Apple to stop Sprint or T-Mobile from getting it. We thought we would now elaborate more on this story, and see just how much the carrier would be willing to pay?

So what is the cost these days for keeping a device exclusive? Well the easiest people to ask are those at AT&T – although not certain they will be forthcoming with the answer. An article on PC World believes that such a deal would be the same as the one that AT&T currently has with Apple – if only we had some figures.

One thing is certain though it is not a case that one needs one more than the other, they both need each other. Apple knows that Android is like a steam train, it just keeps going, and Verizon does not have much faith in BlackBerry 6 OS. However, even RIM cannot have much faith in their new mobile OS either, as we reported today that future BlackBerry smartphones could come with PlayBook OS instead.

However, Darrell Etherington from Digital Daily believes that Verizon will not have to pay as much for this semi-exclusivity deals as AT&T did back in 2007. There is still no official confirmation that the Verizon iPhone 4 or 5 is coming, but 2011 certainly seems to be the year that these three years of rumors finally come true – what do you think?

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