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New IE9 Security Features: Advantage Over Chrome and Firefox

December 8, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Online privacy seems to have stirred up quite a few reactions over this last year, news has been and gone surrounding how much data can be collected by other sources about your private information. Sites such as Facebook and Google’s Street View have been in the spotlight acknowledging this very issue. But unlike say Firefox‘s open source web-browser or Google’s Chrome, today with the help of Microsoft’s IE9 browser being launched in 2011, it is hoped to stem this problem and cut down on users details being shared out.

In light over concerns about online privacy, the American government has commented that issues surrounding this are not being dealt with quickly enough. As BBC News reported, the IE9 browser using specific tools, can not only control data used but enables people to stop a site from sharing out their information to others.

It is also hoped that the new browser as reported, will bring in “Tracking Protection Lists (TPL),” limiting companies from randomly contacting you.

How do you feel about this new IE9 Browser being introduced? Will it make you feel more at ease, or do you think there is a long way to go before privacy concerns are stamped out? Let us know. Head on over to BBC News for more information.

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