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Skype Releases Software: To Help The UN Refugee Agency

December 7, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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Skype Releases Software: To Help The UN Refugee Agency

Skype, the software app that allows us, me included, to make voice calls over the internet, instant messaging, video conferencing and transferring of files, has now revealed a new idea to allow aid workers in other countries to stay in contact with their loved ones and friends for no charge whatsoever.

According to Liz over at Guardian, Skype was in talks with the UNHCR or better known as the UN refugee agency at least two years ago, when it discussed that communication methods could be implemented to give staff working in sometimes extreme deprived areas, a better way of contact. This was then looked into, and Skype found, by using a bespoke low-bandwidth version of it’s present software, could then be rolled out to present countries such as Sudan, Iraq, Chad, Burma and so on. It is hoped by the end of next year, some 3,000 workers will benefit from this.

As well as the positives to this, there may well be problems attached to Skype being accessed in certain areas. This may be down to no computer facility or restrictions on Skype being used. Along with this, Skype are also using their service as a fund-raising idea and as Mashable pointed out, with the simple step of clicking a button, users will be able to donate a sum of money to refugees that have nothing to speak of.

What do you think of Skype’s collaboration with UNHCR? Is it about time we thought about the work that the aid workers do, and how this fantastic service could benefit them? Let us know.

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