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PS3 3.50 Update: Firmware Discussed On Twitter


This morning my cousin decided to switch on his PS3 to keep his son quiet, but was surprised to see that firmware update 3.55 was ready for download. I did not know that this was coming – maybe something to do with being just a minor update. Having looked on the PlayStation Blog we can see that it just adds a security patch - nothing like 3.50, which gave us Blu-ray 3D support.

I wasn’t even aware that there was any sort of security issue, so I thought I would have a look on Twitter to see what reactions there were to this latest PS3 update. One tweet jumped out at me right away “Blocks downgrading, do not update,” this is certainly a worry for some, but would it stop you from downloading the update?

We can also see that there is a lot of discussion about how 3.50 has been jailbroken, which we recently discussed but that’s going off topic a little. There is not much else being discussed on Twitter about the update, but we know that once people come home from work and download the firmware they will share all.

There have been no reports of issues yet, not on twitter or the forums, but we can clearly see from previous updates that there will be some – even if it is a minor update. Looking back on a previous post from Product-Reviews some gamers had an issue with their fragnstein usb controller not working or their PS3 did not switch on after the update.

However, one guy said something that made sense, if you are having an issue how come everyone else is not? That is a great question, would you be able to answer it?

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  1. i turned on my ps3 and signed in. saw the update thing. did the update. and now wen a disk is in my ps3 it doesnt show up on my game section. the games dont play aswell because i tried to take the game out then i put it back in. when i did tht it automatically strted the game but the screen stayed black.

  2. have the same problem. Downloaded update from website. Got the 3.5ver but machine keep trying to get 3.55? Plus the machine keep trying to update while I'm in the middle of playing games.. Really not good.

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