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New Twitter Virus / Worm: Problem Fixed With Password Reset

December 7, 2021 | Peter Chubb

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New Twitter Virus / Worm: Problem Fixed With Password Reset

Twitter is no stranger to coming under attack from a worm or virus, only last month there were reports of the ‘Christmas Tree Facebook App Virus’, although it was thought that this did not actually exist. However, the worm that affected Twitter back in June was very real.

However, there are now reports of a new virus on Twitter, but only those who use the URLs that have been shortened by Lance Whitney from CNET News reports that the issue actually started yesterday, and you are fooled into clicking the link that then takes you to malicious Web sites.

Stefanie Hoffman, from CRN reports that Twitter is aware of the problem and has since sent out password resets for those who have been affected by this issue. Hoffman also adds that the first site that affected users are directed to is a French furniture company, which is when they are redirected to a number of PHP websites.

Alison Diana from InformationWeek has been discussing how social media has now become an attractive target for cybercriminals, which is why services such as Twitter and Facebook has been coming under increased attack from Malwaire and other such spam.

Do you think that Twitter and Facebook will ever be able to stamp out Malware, spam or viruses?

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