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Michael Jackson New Album “Leaked” On Internet

Michael Jackson New Album “Leaked” On Internet

Ever since Michael Jackson passed away last year, he has still remained in our hearts, and his music is still as popular as ever. In fact a new generation including that of my own children are listening to his famous tracks.

But for the last couple of months, the star, has at times been in the media spotlight for the wrong reasons. Take the recent news on his forthcoming album “Michael.” First we heard that one of the tracks on it “Breaking News,” was rumored to be sung by someone else and not that of the King of Pop. Today, according to Mashable, it appears that the album, although not due to be released until next week, has made it’s way onto the world wide web, sites such as Twitter. Something that as you can imagine has not impressed music giants Sony and Epic Records.

As reported, leaked footage is not something new and with this recent news will not be the last. Just 2 weeks ago, the first half an hour of the new Harry Potter “Deathly Hallows,” made it’s way onto YouTube, and rap music artist Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

What are your thoughts on leaked footage making it’s way onto sites? Does this spoil it for the rest of us? Despite this, will you be going out next week and buying the new album? To find out more log onto Mashable.

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