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Google Chrome OS Wish List – Top Ten

Google Chrome OS Wish List – Top Ten

We have already looked at the expectations surrounding the Google Chrome OS netbook, so we now thought that we would have a look at the operating system itself. We thought that as there are still a few hours to wait before today’s event gets going (see times and live streaming), we would look at a wish list.

Michael Muchmore from PC Mag looks at ten things that Chrome OS needs, with some being more obvious than others. The first thing that the new OS needs is a fast boot time, 10 seconds or less. The issue here is that you will need an SSD for this to happen – something that could put a premium on the price of upcoming netbooks.

iPod syncing is something that users would want, we know that Google and Apple have had their differences in the past – but the Chrome OS user should not suffer for this. One of the most important features needed is being able to run Android apps. In doing so this will help the new operating system become a major player – look what Google has done to the smartphone market with Android and the browser market with Chrome. For the top ten list visit PC Mag.

Richi Jennings from Computer World has been trying to see if this latest software from Google will catch on, and there is a mixed reaction. Edward Berridge from the Inquirer believes that “it needs shedloads of apps’ to take off. However, Brennon Slattery from PC World believes that both the Chrome OS and its netbook will fail for one reason “Netbooks are Dead”. Do you agree with him?

Well we only have a few hours to wait, we just wonder if there is room for Android and Chrome OS on such devices as netbooks and tablets?

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