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6 Internet Media Players to Consider

December 7, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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HD media players may not be as well published as they should be, quite a lot of the time if I’m talking to friends that aren’t that interested in home entertainment, they aren’t aware that these things even exist. This is a shame because the little devices have such a lot to offer, in streaming movies, TV, Netflix and YouTube from the Internet.

With a few options out there reviewed systems from Roku, Apple, Boxee Box, Google, Samsung, LG and the big players in the console world.

To start off although the prices on media players is dropping, for those that already have an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or one of the latest Blu-ray players from companies like Samsung and LG, a media device may not be necessary as these already come with Netflix and video-on-demand capabilities. We have picked a couple to give you a feel of what’s about.

First up is Boxee Box by D-link, reported on Boxee Box’s attributes and it scores well in the popularity stakes. Being the first platform to support Web video for use on TV it did pick up some interface issues. While Netflix and Hulu Plus is said to be arriving soon, Boxee hasn’t confirmed a date. At $199.99 it may well be slightly to much when cheaper options are out there.

One of the cheaper options is Apple TV which recently reduced the size and the price of its device to $99. At this price it becomes a easily affordable way to stream videos and music content from your iPhone or iPad to any TV or music system connected with Apple TV. For some Apple falls down on predominately focusing on pay-for-play downloads.

Obviously there are still systems from Roku and Google TV, and while all carry out similar functions, there are plus sides and downfalls. What it really comes down to is personal choice in price and what you are looking for in a media player. Tell us if your a media player user or looking to purchase one, which one will you choose?

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