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WikiLeaks and Twitter: Still holding strong

December 6, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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WikiLeaks and Twitter: Still holding strong

We’ve been bringing you all the news about the latest round of WikiLeaks leaks with more developments every day it seems. Our most recent posts have included articles about WikiLeaks being booted from Amazon, having its account stopped by PayPal and the allegations that the Chinese government were involved in cyber attacks on Google earlier this year.

WikiLeaks has been facing increasing difficulties but one ally it still appears to have is Twitter, although we wonder how much longer that will last. Paul McNamara over on NetworkWorld notes that although WikiLeaks has 380,000 Twitter followers, the site only follows one site itself and that’s TweetBackup. For anyone who doesn’t know, TweetBackup is a real essential for WikiLeaks as it backs up messages and your list of friends daily. With WikiLeaks constantly under attack at present amid U.S. government attempts to get it off the Internet entirely, the Twitter back up service could be indispensable to it.

However following pressure applied from the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee both Amazon and PayPal have already dispensed with WikiLeaks, along with its Domain Name Service provider and also Tableau Software so it’s anyone’s guess how long its Twitter and also Facebook accounts will hold out. The TweetBackup service was recently bought out by Backupify and its vice president of marketing Charlie Ungashick told NetworkWorld “We just became aware of the WikiLeaks account on Friday. We’re currently evaluating the situation,” and suggested more may be known by this afternoon.

It will be very intriguing to find out if Twitter also bows to pressure or whether it will stand strong in the face of opposition to support WikiLeaks. For more on this got to What are your thoughts on the WikiLeaks saga? Do you think Twitter should hold out against cutting off WikiLeaks or maybe you have an opposing view? We’d be interested to hear from you so please do send us your comments about this.

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  1. Alexander Glavan says:

    If Twitter or Facebook closes WikiLEaks account, we're all ready to boycott them as well.

  2. fatalsunday says:

    If Twitter shows some backbone and does not give in to pressure - that'd be so cool!
    I have been quite dissapointed when I found out that they were possibly censoring the #wikileaks discussion in their top trends, after I have been telling a couple of friends recently that twitter is still one of the few good social networks.
    If Twitter stands tall, I'll love them forever. If they chose to go the way amazon and paypal did, well that would be very very sad..
    We all are responsible for our actions, and the more we affect other people, the more responsibility we have. Dumping Wikileaks means saying no to free speech and humanity, and saying yes to the old powers who are responsible for many lies, killings and exploitation or the poor.. in fact, there is not one proof that wikileaks is responsible for a single person harmed or killed, but there are thousands of examples where the governments are. Think about it, google it, whatever you like..

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