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UK Government Plans Faster Broadband By 2015

December 6, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

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UK Government Plans Faster Broadband By 2015

Have you sat there like me at times twiddling your thumbs in the hope that eventually your broadband will kick in and your computer will start to load up? How frustrating is it when you need to find that all important information and can’t as you are restricted by a slow broadband speed.

Now with news today, this may be about to change, well not straight away, but by the year 2015. It is hoped with the backing of the UK government and some £50 million spent on top of £830 million already allocated for this project, broadband speeds will get faster. The project is named “Britain’s Superfast Broadband Future.” It seems as Ben over at Pocket-Lint stated, with the replacement of old lines, and the introduction of new fibre optic broadband connections, difficult to reach areas such as North Yorkshire, Cumbria and Islands in Scotland, which BBC News reported on will all benefit from the faster connections.

I have to say that what surprised me the most out of today’s news was the figures shown in terms of broadband connection within UK households. Percentages show that only 0.2% are embracing the broadband concept as oppose to a staggering 34% in Japan and 12% in say Sweden.

Do you think the year 2015 is too long to wait? Tell us what your thoughts are on this? Head on over to Pocket-Lint for more information.

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