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Social games advertising opportunities huge but why?

Social games advertising opportunities huge but why?

Here at OSM we’ve been noting the rise in social gaming lately and recently posted articles on marketing misconceptions about social games, the success of big social network game developer Zynga and the release of the CityVille game for Facebook, as a successor to the huge hit social game, FarmVille.

As social gaming has grown so much in popularity, way beyond expectations, it stands to reason that the platform creates a perfect opportunity for advertising and Sarah Kessler over on Mashable has looked into this and noted 6 reasons why social games are the next frontier for branding opportunities. One of the reasons is brand engagement and awareness.

The example is given of the game FarmVille when a branded product was available for the first time, Cascadian Farm blueberries, and over 500 million purchases were made of the branded blueberries instead of other goods. Zynga claimed that this represented a 550% increase in unaided brand awareness which is simply staggering.

Another reason that social games represent a great opportunity for marketing is the Facebook audience of more than 500 million users. Apparently Facebook has more time spent on it in the U.S. than Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia and Microsoft put together. That’s quite some audience ripe for the taking.

For the full article and all the other reasons go to What are your thoughts on advertising opportunities from social gaming? We’d like to know so please feel free to send us your comments.

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