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PlayStation Phone Zeus Z1: Too much hype?

PlayStation Phone Zeus Z1: Too much hype?

Here at OSM we’ve been trying to keep you informed with all the news, and speculation, about the much-vaunted PlayStation Phone from Sony Ericsson. Recently we’ve posted about the possible release date of December 9, a PlayStation phone spotted running on Gingerbread, Android 2.3, and also a video of the PlayStation Phone, also being called the Zeus Z1.

We are as guilty as any other site of maybe getting a bit carried away by the prospect of a PlayStation Phone but Matt Peckham over on PC World has given us some food for thought. Peckham notes that he’s unable to get too excited about the PlayStation Phone despite the amount of rumors and talk about it.

He points out that after all it’s really just a PSP Go with a talk facility and his admitted cycnicism about the new device makes us wonder if it has been over-hyped? Peckham sums up the PlayStation Phone as, “Basically a Sony Ericsson Android OS phone with a touchscreen that’ll play Sony PSP games.”

For more on this go to Do you agree with Packham that we are all making too much of this device or maybe you think it will be the next best thing since sliced bread? We’d like to know your thoughts about the PlayStation Phone so please do send us your comments.

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  1. Mad Wishbone says:

    I want this! Sadly I just saw it so I guess my opinion isn't the best as I haven't looked around to see what exactly it entails. However in one of the videos it shows this having a camera on the back, the display is vivid, and the fact that I can play psp games just makes it awesome… if only they came out with new pokemon games on the psp instead of nintendo hahahah…. guess i cant get rid of my childhood that easily :-P . But back to the Zeus Z1, i'm pretty confident that It'll be a hit… all depends on the price i guess…. just hope it isn't as pricey as apple stuff :S

  2. devonte says:

    i want to kno how much it is

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