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WikiLeaks: Cyber attacks on Google were ordered by China

December 5, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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WikiLeaks: Cyber attacks on Google were ordered by China

It seems that virtually every day lately we have more news to tell you about WikiLeaks, the whistle blowing website, after its latest round of leaks. WikiLeaks has had troubles heaped upon it since, with the U.S. government making its displeasure known leading to Amazon booting Wikileaks from its servers and then PayPal banning the WikiLeaks account.

Now the latest piece of news to come from the leaks, as many people suspected at the time, is that the government of China were responsible for cyber attacks on the Google search engine. The New York Times, citing the latest round of WikiLeaks leaked cables, reports that as far back as 2002 the Chinese government were also responsible for hacking attacks on the U.S. government and private enterprises according to Pete Norman over on Sky News.

After the infamous cyber attack on Google earlier this year the giant search engine had traced the source of the attack to China and then decided to stop censoring its results, finally leading to Google closing the China-based search engine in March. The situation was determined in July when Google made alterations and started using a landing page. One of the leaked U.S. diplomatic cables said, “A well-placed contact claims that the Chinese government co-ordinated the recent intrusions of Google systems. According to our contact, the closely held operations were directed at the Politburo Standing Committee level.”

It was not stated though how these cyber attacks seemingly from China were orchestrated and most of this information is thought to have been passed on by diplomats surmising. For more on this go to It’s all fascinating stuff but I suspect this latest information about China being responsible for cyber attacks will not surprise a lot of people. We’d like to know what you think about WikiLeaks and this latest news so please feel free to send us your comments.

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