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Smartphone Holiday Season 2010 Buyer’s Guide – All Carriers

Smartphone Holiday Season 2010 Buyer’s Guide – All Carriers

As 2010 draws to a close and the descent of 2011 is upon us, we can take a look back at what this year has had to offer us in terms of smartphones and their carriers. Over at, they have done just this and formed a “2010 Holiday Buyer’s Guide.”

They have kicked it off by looking at Google’s offering of 2.0 version of Android handsets which transpired into 2.1 and 2.2 versions. Back in June/July time, the smartphone market reached a peak when Apple’s iPhone 4 came into play and despite issues such as “Antennagate” and the highly anticipated white version still not making an appearance, sales of the device have been soaring. The phone market cannot argue with the fact that the iPhone definitely gives others a run for their money, packing a pretty good screen resolution and battery life. The month of October saw Windows Phone 7 which without CDMA, is currently restricted to platforms such as T-Mobile and AT&T , Nokia running Symbian, BlackBerry with it’s WebKit browser in BlackBerry 6 on the Torch 9800 and of course Palm being taken over by HP.

In terms of carriers and what they have had to offer, looked at AT&T amongst others. Smartphones on this carrier were limited up until recently, but now handsets such as Android, WebOS and Windows Phone are now enjoying what AT&T has got to offer. Samsung have had an impressive time so far this year, with their Galaxy S range of smartphones incorporating fast hardware. Early next year we will see the new OMAP4, Tegra 2 and Qualcomm.

Weighing up all the smartphone options with carriers, it seems that the Samsung Captivate running on Android along with the Xperia X10 and Focus, the HTC Surround on WP7 and Apple’s iPhone 4 all get a huge thumbs up.

If you had to choose from this year’s smartphones + carriers, which would you opt for? Tell us what you are looking forward to in 2011? Give us your feedback below. Head on over to for more details.

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