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iPhone VoIP War Begins: Viber App Offers 3G Calling

December 5, 2021 | Debbie Turner

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iPhone VoIP War Begins: Viber App Offers 3G Calling

Here at OSM we like to keep you informed with all the latest iPhone news and some of our recent posts have included articles about a Verizon iPhone, an Apple patent for a map-based radio app, and a special deal for Apple iPhones available from Radio Shack right now.

Now we’ve heard of some more news that we had to read twice to try to find a catch, and for once there really doesn’t appear to be one. Darren Murph over on Engadget, sourced from Viber reports on the Viber VoIP iPhone app which is a free app and enables you to make calls within the app for free. The more people get on board the better and it will certainly lead to users needing to buy less mobile minutes.

This is how it works. Once you’ve installed the free app, (you don’t even need to register, merely provide a phone number), Viber can make standard or Viber voice calls from within the app. Viber looks at your existing contact information and if one of your contacts is also using Viber, the Viber logo will appear alongside their name. It’s very simple then to see if that contact is somebody you can call free of charge.

Even better, both 3G and Wi-Fi call quality is said to be excellent and Viber apps for free SMS and also for Android will also be available soon. This really is as good a deal as it comes so don’t delay in heading to iTunes. For more on this and a video of Viber in action, go to What are your thoughts on the Viber VoIP iPhone app? We’d like to know so feel free to send us your comments.

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Comments (7)

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  1. eti says:

    But they offer FREE Exchange+ like services with Google apps or use your own domain for $50/year. Plus Google Voice for FREE (to stay on topic). lol trying to compare MS to Google when it comes to free

  2. Mike Johnston says:

    OK, but this is no different than any other VoIP application that have been around for years !

  3. Alessandra S. says:

    Call quality is ten times better than skype. I talked for half an hour with a friend in a different country while driving. Amazing the quality of the call. The spa stalk needs to be polished. I can't see the viber logo on my contacts that have the app…. My friend can see it so she can call me. Not sure how to resolve it. At least I can send a free message via what's app and she then calls me. Still wondering east the catch is….n

  4. enzo says:

    So indeed: what's the catch. There has to be "a catch" in the sense that nothing's for free. In other words: what's their business plan? Ads? Selling your address book contents?

  5. Ali says:

    When you make a call do your have to be in range of your wireless router for the call to be free? I would think that if you are at the shops or in the car that it would still be using your personal call allowance.

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