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PlayStation Phone Video: Zeus Z1 is Real

PlayStation Phone Video: Zeus Z1 is Real

When it comes to the PlayStation phone the plot is thickening, firstly we reported to you that there was a PlayStation phone spotted running Gingerbread. We also brought you news that there is perhaps going to be an announcement to reveal the device on December 9th only a few days away now so we will find out if those reports were correct.

I saw the video on’s report and this looks pretty genuine, the phone looks pretty sleek, the sliding mechanism to move it into a “PlayStation” style was seamless and the screen looks really nice. The video shows it on an Android platform version being Gingerbread and some of the navigation around the phone. Head on over to Engadget to have a read of their article by clicking here.

The same video has been plastered across YouTube so no doubt there are going to be a few Sony take downs. What do you think of the new PlayStation phone? I think it looks VERY nice and offers something different to current smartphones and handheld gaming devices. Nice hybrid. We found the same video on YouTube that you can view below our article.

Perhaps you still think that this is not the real deal so let us know in the comments below.

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